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Look Book: Mcleodganj

On Friday morning, we reached around 1 pm then checked in our rooms and then decided to pull out our checklist and cover the places we have marked around this place.

This was our checklist:
  1. Shiva Cafe
  2. Namgyal Cafe
  3. Moonpeak Espresso
  4. Bhagsu Falls
  5. Namgyal Monastery
  6. St.John’s Church
  7. Khaana Nirwana

As Bhagsu was quite nearby to our stay so we decided to cover that and Shiva Cafe first. Shiva café is a really cool place to chill with friends or if you want some me-time then this place is a perfect pick. The interior of the café is really cool as they have used the minimal and basic stuff for décor. They also have the sitting area outside the café and the view is perfect to enjoy with your Garam chai or ginger lemon honey tea.

So, keeping all this in my mind I have opted for super comfortable clothes.

Look no 1:

pinkcolumn mcleodganj what to do in mcleodganj what to do in mcleodganj

black cotton shorts: H&M, floral printed spaghetti top: Forever21, Footwear: Naturalizer

Look no 2:

In the night I wore the same top on black maxi skirt with a denim jacket as it was bit cold in the night. Accidently I lost that footage and I carried this look to have dinner at the nearby cafe.


Look no 3:

On day 2 went out to cover monastery. I wanted to wear something traditional but I end up wearing a maxi dress in tie and dye print. It’s peaceful out here you can sit and practice meditation.

mcleodganj monastry
Dress: Forever21, Footwear: Naturalizer
Look no. 4:

We went to St. John in the wilderness church and Dalai Lama temple which was located in the center of the city. The weather was really good so I wore a white shirt dress which has vertical lines all over and I have paired this with my Puma sports shoes as I had to walk a lot. We have heard a lot about Illiterati café so we end up going there after catching with these two places. I found this café very cute and well organized. I mean the interior was really good and the view is to die for! I was feeling like as if I am sitting in a cafe abroad and sipping my coffee, we clicked few photos and moved to visit Khaana Nirwana they were playing live music that night so for dinner and drinks we went there. We were lucky as we got the seats easily as it was houseful that night. Sitting on the rooftop with the amazing view (unfortunately, pics didn’t come out that nice) good music, good food and most important such good company what else do you wish for, we had such a blast that night.

st johns church mcleodganjst johns church mcleodganj

Will plan a trip soon as the place is still unexplored by me. Lot of places to visit and a lot of things to capture. That’s it for today’s blog I really hope you like the ideas to dress up minimal yet trendy while you are on your lazy holiday mood. Your suggestions and ideas are appreciated so do write to me in the comment section. You can check out my look book of Jaipur and Rishikesh also.



How to Pack Like a Pro!

Me and my friends decided to visit Lansdowne this weekend.  I have already heard about this beautiful place through a common friend so I was all excited about Lansdowne. So finally we decided to start from Noida on Friday night. We had only 2 days in our hand to visit this beautiful place and we were 4 who are going to travel together in one car. This condition calls for a smart packing wherein you are not allowed to carry too much luggage. It’s a short trip for us and I have to pack as per the duration of the trip.

travel bag

Following are the points which you should keep in mind before packing for any trip.

  • Choose Suitcase/Travel bag First: Before you start to think about packing, choose the right suitcase/Bag. Check the size of the suitcase; no one wants to carry a suitcase that is too big for them which they can’t manage. Think about your destination and what kind of trips it is (business trip or Family vacation). You should also consider duration of your trip before packing.

travel pack

  • What to Pack: A great way to save space in your bag is to choose wardrobe basics that you can mix and match. Think about what you will be doing on your trip and where you will spend most of your time. You can pick basic clothes and play around them using different accessories.

wardrobe basics

  • Rolling: Rolling method works well for all the clothes and it also saves a lot of space in your bag.

rolling method for storing clothes

  • Bottom First: Pack Larger items first and keep heavy items at the bottom. Like start with your shoes first and then keep your clothes on top of it.

alka (2)

  • Lighter Stuff at the End: Keep Lighter clothes, accessories and smaller items at the end. Try and keep these stuff on the upper side of the suitcase/Bag. This trick will help in preventing crease and breakage.

lighter stuff

Some important points to consider:
1. Try to keep fruits for snacking in place of chips or other junk, this way you can control your calories.
2.  For Makeup, you can keep a multipurpose palette like Maybelline’s Nude palette. You can use your eye shadows for contouring and highlighting or else your tinted lip balm can also work as a eye shadow and blush.  Miniatures or free samples can come to your rescue here, small sachets or perfume testers can save lot of space.
3. Try and keep you toiletries and makeup in separate pouch so that if there’s a spill out it won’t damage your rest of the product. You can also wrap your bottled products in plastic sheets.
4.  Limit your Footwear to three. Keep two in your bag and wear the third one while travelling (Pair of chappal or flip-flop, sports shoes and Belly or sandals).
5. You can carry a tote bag while travelling. As they make your travel supper easy. They have so much of space so you can keep as much as you want to. You can also keep one to two small clutches which you can use if you go out. Or you can pair them as per your choice.

Hope this blog helps you in packing for your next trip. Do let me know if you have some interesting  tips which I can also use while travelling or packing for the trip.