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pee safe toilet sanitizer review

I recently came across this product Pee Safe on Instagram,  I googled for Pee Safe toilet seat sanitizer spray and found out that this product has been in the market from past 3 years but still I haven’t seen this product in supermarkets.

As a female we face a lot of problems while traveling or due to long outside hours when we have to use public toilets. They increase the chances of getting UTI and washroom borne infections. I haven’t seen a good and clean public toilet till date.  They are stinky and dirty, and you have a high risk of getting infections from this. But in the hour of need, we cannot do anything, we simply close our nose and eyes and do the job. My sufferings have ended because of a great product like Pee Safe. This toilet seat sanitizer spray is compact and portable, it is easy to use. As this is alcohol based so it kills the germs of the dirty seat. This product has a pleasant smell which makes using the public toilet a lot easier.

Just 4 easy steps can save you from getting infections:
  1.  Shake the can of the Pee Safe toilet sanitizer spray
  2. Spray on the seat and any other area which you want to sanitize
  3. Wait for 5 secs, alcohol-based spray will start drying
  4. Use the toilet which is 99% germ-free and safe to use
  • Travel-friendly, because it is compact you can carry it to malls, airport, college, office etc
  •  It sanitizes and deodorizes the seat and the surrounding areas
  • Kills germs and bacteria that are present on the toilet seat
  • Dries quickly, thanks to alcohol base
  • It has a nice fragrance which stays in the toilet for a long time


  • There’s none.

Price: Rs 120 for 40 ml bottle.

Ladies just think about your internal health and spend a little amount on your hygiene! it’s all about being safe while using public toilets. You can check details here

**I have received the product for review and I really liked the product and thought of spreading knowledge to my lovely readers too. I am not compensated for the blog, the opinion expressed is purely mine.

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