My First Step To Eating Healthy

I remember lot of people preaching about healthy lifestyle and eating healthy and green. I always used to wonder on their speech like how can one impose their thought on others. If you are a green eater then you should maintain that you should never ever ask or tell a non- vegetarian to stop having chicken. I always use to frown at them.


But then one day it happened to me.  My new office schedule has kept me so busy that I could not take out time for exercise. I use to feel exhausted.  From morning to evening every time I started feeling low on energy. This whole thing continued for almost 2 months and let me tell you I was having my same old diet full of proteins. I was doing zero exercise and having lots of protein so my proteins were not breaking down.  I joined yoga also in between but my body did not supported, I started having pain. severe body pain. This pain started from heel and reached to back. I could not walk! I use to wake up in pain! I thought I might have done some wrong postures and that has led this but I was wrong.

Then one night I was recalling all the incidences and then I decided to visit a doctor. He did blood test and results came out. My Uric Acid was on border line. That was the culprit which was creating this problem. He gave me some medicines and he told me not to have chicken and just avoid proteins for 2 months. I was like how I am going to survive without this. But I have to do it for my betterment so I took this step.

I was on meds and carb diet.  To my surprise it worked! My pain got reduced. After 1 month I started walking. Doctor told me to walk 10000 steps a day. When I saw these results I was more than happy. Immediately I started searching for videos on YouTube and through that  I learned for lifestyle change and green eating.

I am not saying I have left chicken but yes I have reduced it. I have increased my intake of greens. I have started taking green smoothies. It is helping me out. I don’t have pain now. From inside I am feeling that I should turn vegetarian now but it takes lot of time in forming a new habit.

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Ways to Wear Winter Scarf

Hello October! and we can also say hello to the chill in the wind. That time has come when you got to take out your scarf and adore it the way you like it. You just need to know different ways of wearing scarf.

Alka Yadav

Scarves are an accessory to play around with just like earring and necklace combinations. One can style it from day-to-night in a number ways and stay warm at the same time.They also upgrade your look just like wearing heels with jeans in place of sneakers.

So, girls this winter experiment with different styles for your winter scarf as there are endless variations when it comes to this versatile accessory.

Scarves not only protect you from chilly wind but they also make a style statement. You can invest in a good silk scarf, they quickly turn your office wear into evening wear. Keep a good colorful scarf ready in your bag, if you have to attend a dinner straight from the office. Wrap  it around your top or tie it in the shape of bow tie around your neck. They play like an accessory to your dress. While googling I came across few images which grabbed my attention though they are for perfect December winters but who cares. Style never wait for time. just replace the scarf material with the lighter stuff and wear it.

Here are my few inspirations.

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Which one do you prefer? write it down in the comment section.

10 Must Have Winter Accessories

As October is starting and soon you will start feeling chill in the wind. Delhi winters are very cold and harsh for me. I have created a list of items which will help me in keeping warm while staying stylish.  I have curated a list of 10 must have winter accessories. Read on:
1. Slouchy Beanie: They are trendy, colorful, adds style and they are warm too!!
2. Ear Muffs: They are cute,colorful. Available in different style,color and pattern. which also pep pup your style .
3. Shades: For those sunny bright days when you have to go out.They create a style statement too.

4. Scarves : Scarves are an accessory to play around with. One can style it from day-to-night in a number ways and stay warm at the same time.They also upgrade your look.

5. Gloves: They are available in different patterns,colors and fabric so you can pick according to your outfit.
6. Cozy Cardigan: You must have cardigan which you can wear in light winters or inside your office.You should one or two basic shades or you can play with different colors as they look every girly.
 7. Colorful Coat: They are very feminine,cute,trendy and they also keep you warm.
8.Tote bag: In winters better to carry Tote bags as you can keep your ear muffs or scarfs whenever they are not in use so that you can move freely.
9. Leg Warmers: They keep you warm and looks very trendy as well. 
10. Boots : Last and most important boots. You can wear long boots or ankle boots depending upon the outfit both look great. You can also try out different shades as they are available in different color and material.But one should have Black and Tan as they are always in.

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