Garnier Fructis Oil-In-Cream Review

Hi Girls! Today I am sharing my reviews on Garnier Fructis Oil In Cream.  As you all know changing weather and not oiling your hair on proper time makes your hair look frizzy, dry and damaged.  Applying oil to the hair has a long process as well as it makes you little uncomfortable too but Garnier Fructis Oil In Cream is now here which is really easy to use and you feel super comfortable to apply it on your hair. “It is a new generation hair oil” Yeah!! its a oil in a cream form. It is a powerful combination of Coconut, Almond and Olive oil and these oil work amazing for a good hair care routine.


Description & Claims of Garnier Fructis Oil In Cream :

  • Oil replacement cream.
  • Get the nourishment of hair oils in a non-sticky cream format.
  • Nourishes hair & feels stronger.
  • Zero stickiness & mess.
  • Pleasant long lasting fragrance.
  • Apply to the hair at night & wake up to transformed hair.
  • Leaves hair fragrant, strong & healthy.
  • No need to search for home remedies for hair fall or dandruff when you have oil in cream at your side.
  • Hair looks bouncy and full of life.

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Three Ways to Use Garnier Fructis Oil In Cream :

  • Use it like a hair oil massage into the scalp before hair wash.
  • Massage into hair and scalp and leave it overnight.
  • Use on hair length for manageable and frizz free hair after hair wash.

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Features of Garnier Fructis Oil In Cream :

  • Contains coconut,almost and olive oil.
  • Conditions hair from root to tip.
  • Non-sticky light cream format.
  • Makes hair stronger.
  • Comes in 3 sizes – 50 gm for Rs.35, 100 gm for Rs.60 and 200 gm for Rs.100.
  • Shelf life – 3 years.
  • Yellow sturdy tube with a flip-top cap.

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  • Easily available in stores and online.
  • Inexpensive
  • Light weight
  • Non greasy
  • Smells Wonderful
  • Can be applied on scalp as well
  • Controls frizz
  • Makes hair soft & manageable
  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • Absorbs quickly


  • Fragrance is not at all long-lasting.
  • It also contains some chemicals so it is not advisable to use it as overnight treatment on regular basis.

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Rating: 4/5

Over All:

Garnier Fructis Oil In Cream is a great product at affordable price.It does most of what it claims and can be used in multiple ways according to your convenience. It makes hair soft , frizz free and manageable.All in all a total Yes! for this product…Girls go for it and shine like a star!!

I hope this review was helpful and informative to all those reading.


Online Shopping Experience with

Okay, so you also know that there are lot of e-commerce sites available in the market which offers zillions of product. Some sites serve as one stop shop for you, just log on and select category, select product, add to cart and finally pay!

I am not compensated for this review. Thoughts  expressed are purely mine. Why I am writing this? simple..a happy customer 🙂

How I got to know about is purely word of mouth. One of my friend told me about this site and I was like “let me give this site a try”. This site provides beauty products and it is always good to visit a specialist.

nykaa review

On 5th Oct , I was getting bored so I started surfing this site and also one of my friend’s birthday is coming so I was planning for a beauty box  for her.  It has good list of categories where one can choose from hair care to skin care. I spent some time and build up my cart. On check out page I made the payment via credit card and it’s done!

I shopped through mobile app so I got 5% extra discount on my cart value and also redeemed my nykaa points so all in all a good deal for me. I got products delivered on 7th Oct. Isn’t it amazing  like in 2 days I got everything in front of me.

Why I love this site and why you should also give it a visit is

  1. Offers: Nykaa has lot of ongoing offers, offer on products, offer on brands etc.
  2. App Discount: You can get additional discount while shopping from app.
  3. Delivery Time: In my case I got timely delivery. I think delivery time depends on product procurement time also.  Concepts of Logistics!
  4. Reviews: Yes, you will find reviews written under almost every product. It helps in buying decision.

Their social accounts are active too. The moment I posted this image I got a revert. Active social accounts help in query resolution.


My first online shopping experience with has been very good. I would give it 4.5/5

My First Step To Eating Healthy

I remember lot of people preaching about healthy lifestyle and eating healthy and green. I always used to wonder on their speech like how can one impose their thought on others. If you are a green eater then you should maintain that you should never ever ask or tell a non- vegetarian to stop having chicken. I always use to frown at them.


But then one day it happened to me.  My new office schedule has kept me so busy that I could not take out time for exercise. I use to feel exhausted.  From morning to evening every time I started feeling low on energy. This whole thing continued for almost 2 months and let me tell you I was having my same old diet full of proteins. I was doing zero exercise and having lots of protein so my proteins were not breaking down.  I joined yoga also in between but my body did not supported, I started having pain. severe body pain. This pain started from heel and reached to back. I could not walk! I use to wake up in pain! I thought I might have done some wrong postures and that has led this but I was wrong.

Then one night I was recalling all the incidences and then I decided to visit a doctor. He did blood test and results came out. My Uric Acid was on border line. That was the culprit which was creating this problem. He gave me some medicines and he told me not to have chicken and just avoid proteins for 2 months. I was like how I am going to survive without this. But I have to do it for my betterment so I took this step.

I was on meds and carb diet.  To my surprise it worked! My pain got reduced. After 1 month I started walking. Doctor told me to walk 10000 steps a day. When I saw these results I was more than happy. Immediately I started searching for videos on YouTube and through that  I learned for lifestyle change and green eating.

I am not saying I have left chicken but yes I have reduced it. I have increased my intake of greens. I have started taking green smoothies. It is helping me out. I don’t have pain now. From inside I am feeling that I should turn vegetarian now but it takes lot of time in forming a new habit.

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