ITC Mint-o Ultra Mintz

Last weekend I went for grocery shopping and there I saw this super cute tin box of “Mint-o Ultra Mints” by ITC (I have seen them before but due to overly priced tag I didn’t buy them).

But this time I could not resist and bought one for myself (finalllyyy… <3<3). It’s been one week I am using this (all most every day after my tea break in office as I felt like having bad breath after tea or coffee) and here is my review on “Mint-o Ultra Mintz”.

I must say that the packing is really cute and attractive as they have made me to buy this one 😀 the black and blue color combination is very eye catchy and also the fort style (written in blue color “Extra strong mints”). The plastic sheet inside protects the other pills from dust and moisture and the outlet is such that only two pills to comes out at the same time which is good too. Firstly I bought this pack just because of this tin so I am going to reuse the same tin 😀 (MISSION ACCOMPLISHED). The tin box is very handy so it fits in anywhere and also you can enjoy them at any time.

Coming on to taste:
Mint-o Ultra mintz are the finest quality of mints I have tried so far. Unlike many other mints, it is neither too strong nor too mild. The “Extra strong peppermint” flavor gives you long lasting freshness. Also I am gaining weight like anything so I am bit conscious about the calories too, so it is good to go with product as it is “Sugar free” so it does not give you ANY calorie and on the same time you are enjoying the freshness. (Happy happy) It does not give you any medicated flavor like other sugar free products do.



  • Attractive packaging
  • 60 pills in a small single tin case (super cute) no need to carry so many chewing gums.
  • Zero calories as it is sugar free (“zero sugar – full mint”).
  • Extra strong peppermint flavor gives you long lasting freshness.
  • Made from the finest of peppermint oils from France.


  • Overly priced ( as I have to think twice to buy this but as they are supercute so I had to no other option :P)
  • Very small pills (they are cute but you have to put at least two to feel the awesomely refreshing menthol effect).

Overall rating is 4/5. I am happy with product and packaging too. Must buy product also easy to carry. “Go ahead- freeze your senses”

Review: Pepper Tap App

Review: Pepper Tap App – Today is 22nd Oct and I got a off from work because of Dussehra. Right after few days Diwali is coming and I will be going to my home town. I thought of utilizing  today’s time into grocery shopping so that I can spend my weekend with my friends.

Grocery shopping is tedious tasks, starting from the list preparation to the waiting in billing line. I usually land up spending my 3-4 hours into it and after that I feel my day is wasted gone. Looking at Myntra and Jabong I wished that some smart brain on this earth is definitely going to come up with a solution.


In the morning I saw TV commercial of Big Basket while checking my tweets. I came across a campaign running by Pepper Tap, online grocery shopping app. They are offering Rs.200 off on first purchase of Rs.1000 and above. I had a target of grocery shopping and on top of that i found this app and a good discount code also.  So I installed this app from Play Store. I selected whatever stuff i need in my kitchen and move to check out page. While checking out Paytm is also offering a cashback if you pay through Paytm wallet. I was like “let me do it fast”.

My Take:

I ordered at 12 pm and opted for 2 hours delivery option but they delivered it within 30 mins only. Isn’t it amazing !

1 items was missing out of 13, i called up the customer care and they refunded the amount to me in next 5 mins.

Stuff bought from pepper tap
Stuff bought from pepper tap

I am going to shop through Pepper Tap app regularly from now on. They have completely won me by their customer service.

Disclaimer: I am not getting paid for writing this good stuff  or review on Pepper Tap. 

You can download it from here:

Ten Uses Of Vaseline

Vaseline is one of the most versatile product in the world. Low on price but can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used in many ways but I have listed only ten out of those. Here are ten uses of vaseline:


1. Beauty Product: Use vaseline to soften your rough skin like elbows or knees and feet. 

2. Lip Scrub : Mix some Vaseline with cinnamon Powder  and gently apply it on your Lips keep it for five mints then clean it with wet cotton.

3. After shave : Use Vaseline after shaving as it makes your skin smooth and soft.

4. Long Eyelashes : Make those eyelashes grow! Put a little Vaseline on your lashes at night, and watch them lengthen.

5. Lip Gloss : When ever your lips get dry,apply little vaseline on lips and keep them moisturize.

6. Set Eyebrows : Dab a very small amount of Vaseline onto finger tip and apply on eyebrows it will keep them on one place.

7: Body Scrub : Mix Vaseline with Sea Salt and scrub away in the shower. You’ll come out feeling silky and refreshed.

8. Makeup Remover: Dab a cotton ball and gently remove your eyeliner, mascara,eye shadow and even any eyelash glue that your falsies leave behind.

9. Shape your eyebrows: Make plucking your eyebrows easies by rubbing a little on the area to soften your skin. 

10. Take care of those cuticles : Take some vaseline and apply it on cuticles to keep them from drying out (especially during winter months!) 

Do Not Use :-

1. Vaseline as an Anti-Fungal : Vaseline locks in moisture,making it extremely ineffective at battling fungus. Instead, use something that has actual anti-fungal properties,like Coconut Oil. 

2. Vaseline as Acne Cure: Vaseline is water soluble and it also creates a moisture barrier that keeps your skin from being able to breathe, which can cause you other skin problems.

3. Vaseline on New Tatttoos : Vaseline clogs the pores, increases the chances of a breakout that can ruin the new ink, and will not help in healing the tottoo. Always ask your tatto artist for dirctions regarding aftercare.

Tips :-

1.  Don’t apply toomuch at one time, only take a little.

2.  Use it as a makeup remover.

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