Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+



What it claims:

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ is a breakthrough in sun protection.Stabilized with Helioplex, it provides superior balanced broad spectrum protection against skin aging UVA and burning UVB rays and combines it with Dry Touch Technology for an Ultra light non shiny finish. This light weight sunblock has a light fresh scent and is gentle enough even for sensitive skin.



Direction for Use:

Apply liberally on face and body 15-30 mins before sun exposure. For added protection, reapply after swimming, towel drying or extended sun exposure.

Price: Rs. 499 for 88 ml. It was on sale so I got it for Rs. 449 (Rs. 50 off )


Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ has a white easy to squeeze tube with a light blue screw cap, travel friendly.



Product Life: 24 months from the manufacturing date.

Active Ingredient: Helioplex.

My Take on Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ :

I have used many sunscreens and few medicated sunblock but they always make my face greasy, whitish and sometimes breakout. I have already used few products from Neutrogena and they gave me good results so I have decided to buy Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+. It’s been an year since Iam using this product and I am totally in love with it.  Only a pea sized amount is needed for the face and neck. Doesn’t make my face white. It the only sunblock that doesn’t break me out :P. It is really light on my skin as well. Sometimes I use it as a stand-in for primer as it creates a smooth surface.



  • Did not cause any breakouts or irritation.
  •  Gives a dewy non matte look.
  • Oil free and PABA free.
  • Mild and pleasant fragrance.
  • Water proof and sweat proof.
  • Suitable for dry skin and for body use.
  • Doesn’t leave a whitish cast.
  • SPF 50 provides high levels of both UVA (PA+++) and UVB protection.
  • Dermatologist tested.
  • It spreads easily on skin. Don’t have to rub for long time.
  • Light in texture, absorbs in skin easily and gives a dry, Smooth finish.


  •  It might make oily skin a bit sweaty after a few hours.


Overall Rating: 5/5


Yup!! Recommended from my side. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ is suitable for all skin types because of its lightweight texture which absorbs easily into skin and does not feel greasy or oily. The sunscreen provides broad spectrum protection. It has prevented me from getting tanned and reduced pigmentation around my eye area.

“What I Wore For My Friend’s Engagement”

25th October 2015
Its Sunday!! people are in sleepy mood but I was up because I have to attend my Friend’s Engagement.  The combination for the event was made a night before and I was pretty happy with the results.

This is what i wore for the Event:


20151025_134156 (1)

  • Black Suit and Salwar along with Orange Printed Slik Dupatta
  • Pink Footwear
  • Boho Mirror Work Clutch
  • Kundan Work Bangles
  • Pearl and Stone Ring
  • Basic Gold Chain for Neck
  • Green Kundan and White Pearl Earring
  • Hairstyle : Basic Side Bun with Gajara
  • Winged Eyeliner


Tips for the Events:

Girls remember one  thing its “Engagement” not “Shaadi”!  Its a small event so dress up accordingly. You can play with colours and accessories. Try to keep it simple yet Stylish. Go according to the trend. Wear pastel colours  and tryout new hairstyles.



Here are my few inspirations.

Sonam-Kapoor-Raanjhanaa (1)

Asin in Kerala Saree Stills





Celebs in Bollywood Designers Sarees 2014 (11)


Celebs in Bollywood Designers Sarees 2014 (8)

I hope this blog was helpful and informative to all those reading.


Diwali Bashhh!

 Diwali the festival of light, joy and prosperity!

 Gifts,decorations and Shopping are integral parts of Diwali and you must have already planned many things for this one


 Here are some creative ideas to make your Diwali Celebration Joyful!!

Diwali is the grand celebration in India as its start with Dhanteras and ends with Bhaidooj.The decoration of the house,eye pleasing rangoli colours,twinkling oil lamps and sparkling crackers are what make Diwali divine and auspicious.

 Diwali Shopping:

It is an important aspect of our festival of lights and all the stores are flooded before Diwali. So, here are five tips that can help you doing smart shopping this time.

  • First and foremost plan your budget before moving out for shopping to cut down the extra expenses.
  • Make a list of all the special offers,discounts and deals that are available during this Diwali season and pick the best one.
  • Make a shopping list that includes from clothes to crackers.This will help you a lot as you will not miss out anything while shopping. 
  • Avoid shopping at the last moment take out some time and plan at least four to five days before the festival start.
  • Try out your new clothes before the actual day starts to see if they are comfortable and well-fitted.

Home Decoration:

When Diwali comes some start dusting of their house and some start painting their walls after that they think of decorating the whole house with lights and their corners with other things. But this time be bit more creative as I am here with some ideas.

  • Buy plain lamps and be an artist. Paint them with vibrant colours and use them in decorating you home.
  • Make a lantern instead of buying one. be as creative as you can. Come up with new shapes and colours and illuminate your house.
  • Buy some fresh seasonal flowers and place them all over the house.Let them bloom their blossom.
  • Place bowls of floating flowers in the corners of your house sprinkle some glitter over it to make it look more vibrant and also light up one candle which will look more beautiful.
  • Light up some perfumed candles and create a special festive aura. Let the goddess Laxmi enter your home and bestow her blessings upon you and your family.

Create Rangoli:

Rangoli are made on special occasions or celebration.It is an ancient Indian art form and Symbol of beauty and the acquisition of auspiciousness. some ideas for this Diwali are:

  • Visit the rangoli exhibition if you can and get inspired to create the same in your innovative way.
  • let your imagination flow and draw free hand rangoli design this time.
  • Stop copying designs from the book.Trust me you can do much better  so, come up with your own designs.
  • Take part in rangoli competition in your school, collage,or in office.No matter whether you are an expert or not just take part and have fun.You can also have a competition at your place with your friends and relative and have fun.
  • Try making rangoli with flower petals as they are easy to make and they also fill the surrounding with fresh fragrance.

Time for Gifts: 

Diwali starts with joy.Everyone loves to receive gifts. Sweets wrap with love,gift with memories and card with wishes are send to our loved ones. I have five ideas for this season.

  • Send the traditional greeting cards or post cards through post to your loved ones not by E-Mail.
  • Gift them scented candles which will flow their aroma this Diwali.
  • Gift them special aromatic oil that can be used for the special Diwali bath.
  • Gift them coloured and decorated Kith and Kin lamp made by you.
  • For our toddlers gift them the Diwali gift hampers which contains crackers,fire pencils and bombs which they will enjoy bursting.

Safe and Healthy Diwali:

Here are some points which one should keep in mind before starting the celebration.

  • Try to buy few fireworks as Diwali is a festival of lights not of noise.
  • Children should burst crackers in presence of an adult.
  • Make them wear good closed shoes so that they don’t burn their feet accidentally.
  • Always light fireworks in an open space like terrace or a garden and never inside a house.
  • Wear cotton clothes while bursting crackers.
  • Always keep bucket of water and sand handy wherever you are bursting crackers.
  • Do not light diyas or candles near curtains.
  • Keep a first-Aid box handy to deal with any emergency.
  • Check out surrounding area for any inflammable material before lighting fireworks

Time for Diwali bonus:
In Diwali we worship goddess Laxmi on Laxmi Puja. Beyond the pious puja Charity is the way to please the gods.So Donate things you don’t use but others can use as they don’t have that and in return get the blessings from them and enjoy your Diwali. What you can do this Diwali?

  • Give your old clothes to them who can use them as you are any how not using them and they.
  • Visit an orphanage and distribute sweet and in return they will bless me you will feel happy doing this.
  • Distribute crackers among poor children.Bring a smile back to their face and feel connected at the same time.
  • Make a vow to be nice to everyone as Diwali is a symbol of victory pf good over evil.
  • Buy something for yourself if you have been longing for it for quiet some time.

Diwali is all about good winning over evil. Make your to do list and enjoy your Diwali.

Wishing you  a safe and Happy Diwali!!!

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