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Where to Get South Indian Food in Noida?

Are you like me who wants to try out south Indian food once in a while? but still wondering on, where to get south indian food in Noida? Then worry not we have tried out almost every outlet serving South Indian food in Noida and have picked these 4 outlets specially for you all.

  1. Naivedyam, Sector – 63 Noida

This tops the chart and is all because of the quality of food they served and the ambiance. They have nicely decorated the ambiance and provides you rich authentic south Indian food.

It will be approx Rs. 500 for 2

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2. Lakshmi Coffe House, Sector -29 Noida

This place is quite old and famous for its south indian food. Owner is also a south indian and they also keep south indian pickles, papad, muruku and chips. I am a regular here because of affordable food. They aren’t very spacious or say luxurious compared to big outlets opened in mall but they have long waiting line, by this you can see the popularity.  Do try their masala dosa and filter coffee.

Charges: approx Rs.300 for 2

3. Shree Ratnam, GIP Noida

They also serve authentic south indian food but they do have other options too. Out of all the branches go for GIP one. Ambiance, Food and Service is nice here. It  would be a bit costly than Naivedyam.

Charges: approx Rs. 800 for 2

4. Reena Restaurant, Sector 27, Noida

Like Lakshmi this joint is also owned by a south indian and you can see the difference in taste. They make amazing dosa and are pretty easy on pocket too. This one is also crowded all the time. if you are not looking for luxury and want to have normal south indian meal then you can head to this place.

Charges: approx Rs. 300 for 2

5. Sagar Ratna, Sector -18 Noida

I visited this place when they were running  “Chettinad special” menu. I tried out their chettinad dosa, curd rice and madras butter milk. Each time was good and the background music adds a south indian touch to the ambiance.

Charges: approx Rs. 600 for 2

Ratings given are based on the experiences we had while  searching for south indian food in noida.

Restaurant Review: Soda Bottle Opener Wala, Noida

After visiting this place more than 10 times I thought of reviewing it on the blog. If you are missing Mumbai food and want to try out Parisian cuisines then you are welcome to visit Soda Bottle Opener Wala at Noida. It is located on 3rd floor, Mall of India, Noida.

When your taste buds are tired of Delhi food and you want to go experimental after watching too many recipe shows. You should move towards this place.  Soda Bottle Opener Wala is every Irani cafe’s 21 st century makeover- it’s their cousin that returned after a stint abroad. Eating here is an experience you must not miss.


From outside it looks like an old cafe which is nothing jazzy nor painted with bold colors. The moment you step in you will be taken back to old Mumbai. You will see soda bottle handing and displayed on one wall then there’s another which has quirky messages written on it. Music played is of 90’s reminding you of your childhood. Have a look:

soda bottle openerwala noida

For a newcomer, menu will definitely look confusing but their staff is super supportive. They will explain you each dish and will offer their recommendation. Food is served in the old style tiffin box and on china bone plates.

old style steel tiffin box with Irani Chai
old style steel tiffin box with Irani Chai
Berry Pulav soda bottle openerwala noida
Berry Pulav, almost finished 🙂
Chicken cutlet Noida
Chicken cutlet
chicken farcha
Bun Maska and Chicken Farcha

What we tried: Maska Pav, Egg Kejriwal, Salli Chicken, Dhansak, Boneless chicken Farcha, Berry Pulav, Patra ni Mach and sikanji.

What we recommend: Maska pav, Dhansak (if you are fond of dal), Berry pulav (This is interesting combination of rice topped with dried berries and cashews) and not to miss Patra ni Mach.

Salli Chicken is tangy in taste so if you are someone who prefers spicy chicken then avoid this items.

Disappointment: Sikanji, yes don’t be surprised. Their twisted version of sikanjji wasn’t comforting for my taste buds. You may like it.

What’s new there:

Now they have started serving beer which was missing earlier and they have new menu.

Meal for Two: a proper 3 course meal will cost you around Rs.2000+ approximately.

Here’s my rating:

  • Ambiance: 4.5/5
  • Food: 4.5/5
  • Price: 4/5, it’s affordable.
  • Service: 4.5/5
  • Overall Rating: 4.5/5

If you haven’t been there then check this place out on this weekend.

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Diet N Delicacy Cafe for Health Freaks in Noida

After standing for 1 hour in ATM line on a Sunday morning with thirst and hunger, all I could think about was food. I wanted to have a healthy breakfast brunch and the joints I knew in sector-18 Noida are all loaded with junk food.  While moving toward Axis Bank I came across a cafe “Diet N Delicacy”. It’s located right in front of kebab factory. If you know Noida well I am sure you can figure out the location. With beautiful board and quirky messages, I thought of having my food here.

It’s a small joint with seating of 10-15 people. The Owner has created a nice ambiance with wall painted in yellow and having messages on it. They claim themselves as ” First ever DIET FOOD Cafe in NOIDA”. Their objective is to provide healthy food to health freaks who consider having a clean and healthy food. They also serve Delicacy which is mainly non-diet food.

diet n delicacy cafe noida
look at the walls and colors, isn’t it such a cute place!
What they offer:

They have both the variants; diet and non-diet food. But diet here doesn’t mean that food is going to be bland and boiled. They have wraps, salads and everything which you can think of while avoiding calories.  They offer starters, detox juices, mocktails, smoothies, soup, coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner thali, desserts, kids meal etc

Their team of certified nutritionists and culinary experts have worked together and brought a menu that makes going on a diet a happy experience.  They use nuts as natural fats which are good for the body and don’t use oil in their diet food. Not to forget that the food is high in fibers, low cal and contains no preservatives (it’s mentioned on their website) used.  Plus it is also good on pocket. Have a look at the menu here:

After churning my brain for almost 20 mins I thought of tasting their diet – stuffed parantha. I was assuming that this will be done in olive oil and they must be calling this as low fat but NO, they proved me wrong. Their stuffed parantha is actually stuffed roti which tastes equally good and so is the served curd. I took chai after this meal and adrak chai is also too good.

stuffed parantha diet n delicacy
look at the snake-ladder game as a table top. They have worked on every minute detail

Finally, I found a place in NOIDA where I can go and eat guilt free. Here’s my rating:

  • Ambiance: 3.5/5
  • Food: 4/5
  • Price: 4/5, looking at other joints I won’t call this place costly. It’s moderately priced.
  • Service: 4/5
  • Overall Rating: 4/5

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