Pillsbury Milk Choco Spread Review

Pillsbury milk choco spread

In the month of July I have received 3 products from Home Tester Club and Pillsbury Milk Choco Spread is one of them. Being a registered member they send me products for review.  I received Pillsbury Milk Choco Spread in my mailbox and here’s my review for this product.

Pillsbury is already a known brand in Indian household. They offer wheat flour and cake mixes and recently they have launched choco spreads. This can be seen as alternative to Nutella.

pillsbury milk choco spread bottle

Pillsbury milk choco spread is cocoa powder mixed with milk proteins which aims to give you taste of real chocolate. This can be used over rotis or bread to give them a chocolaty twist.

It’s mentioned on the product that 2 tablespoon of Pillsbury milk choco spread is equivalent to 1 cup of milk protein. Consistency of this product is thick, it’s not watery. It is advisable to store it at room temperature as it solidifies when kept in fridge.

pillsbury milk choco spread consistency

180 gm of tub retails for Rs.170 and  it is easily available in all supermarket and grocery stores.

 Pros of Pillsbury Choco Spread:

  1. It is affordable
  2.  Kids will love this product
  3. You can count it as cheap “Nutella”
  4. Ready to spread, no preparation required
  5. Shelf Life: 12 months
  6. Vegetarian
  7. Has milk proteins

Cons of Pillsbury Milk Choco Spread:

There’s just one con which I can think of, If you are not fond of sugary items then you won’t prefer this.

Recipe Tip: This is easy to use as it’s a spread so it does not require any preparation. All you need to do is simply spread it over roti or bread and  roll it and give it your kid. He/She will definitely love this new chocolaty roti roll.

Will I buy it again: No doubt this product is good but to avoid extra calories I won’t be buying it again. I have already finished this entire tub. I take a spoon of it to satisfy my craving for chocolate 😉

Rating: 3.5/5


Monsoon Essentials for a Women’s Bag!

monsoon noida

The monsoon is finally here!  It’s indeed a stunning season to enjoy you tea and pakoras while preparing yourself for this monsoon.

Here are few tips which you should consider while enjoying this season:

  1. Change Footwear: You should go for rubber sole shoes and chappals (flip – flop) as they are easy to maintain during rainy season. One can wash them very easily and they are comfortable too! You can buy crocs as they come in various colours and patterns.516ooddgStL
  2. Change Bags: Try to carry a Waterproof bag so that your papers and other stuff are safe from water. Switching to a water resistant bag will save your other favs. Don’t ruin your favorite leather bags by taking them out. You can easily find transparent plastic totes in lifestyle stores.


3. Facewash/Wet Wipes: Keep a good quality,  anti-bacterial face wash handy (or wet wipes) and cleanse your face at least once during the whole day. During this season at times humidity do increases which result into sweat that can cause pimples or acne.


4. Foldable Umbrella: These types of umbrellas are really handy. One can easily keep it in their bags. You can match them up according to your own fashion sense.

pug-umbrella_gal5. Waterproof Makeup: Just because it’s monsoon it doesn’t mean you can’t wear makeup. It is best to keep minimal makeup if you are going out and if you do then please opt for waterproof products.  You can easily turn into a raccoon or panda if you don’t wear water proof mascara or liner 😉


6. Hand Sanitizer: Germs love rains more than you do! so, to keep yourself safe from infection, carry a hand sanitizer in your bag and use it as often as possible.


Hope this blog post is useful to my readers. Do share your tips for this season which I can also use.