DIY: Nail Polish Remover Jar

Today we have a very easy DIY for you all; Nail Polish Remover Jar 🙂 you can also call it lazy girl hack. Earlier I was using a nail polish remover jar by Colorbar and it worked wonders.  Taking off nail paints takes hell lot of time…you really need to soak in cotton pad in remover and then rub it over your nails. This sound tedious to me! this nail polish remover jar is actually for lazy bums like me 🙂

As I mentioned I was using colorbar one, which costed me Rs.500 so I thought of DIYing it for only Rs 70.  Let’s get started:

Things you need:
  1. Small clean and empty jar/ wide mouth bottle.
  2. Sponge – easily available in market for Rs.20
  3. Nail polish remover – I am using NewU nail polish remover for Rs.50

3 Easy Steps:

  1. Roll the sponge and put it inside the jar.
  2. Pour enough nail polish remover in the jar so that the sponge is wet.
  3. And there you have; your very own nail polish remover jar.

Note: Always close the lid tightly.

Nail Polish Remover Jar

So here we have made our very own nail polish remover jar by using just 3 things which are easily available in the market! You can easily carry it around while travelling just make sure that the jar you are using is leak proof 😉

I have also done another hack for toner spray bottle that is also a very simple DIY  and a recycle project. Let me know how you find it in the comment section below.