DIY: Toner Spray Bottle



DIY toner spray bottle

This post is on “How to make your own Toner Spray Bottle”. You can call it as a DIY or a reuse/recycle project which totally worked out for me. Most of the times it happens that suddenly a bottle gets dropped and either it caps get broken or the bottle itself. But what to do with the leftover product. We want to use it, right? Always reconsider an empty bottle or spray bottle or small plastic container before throwing. You might use them again for storing your other stuff or just to store a DIY cream eye shadow. I made this because my toner bottle’s cap was broken so it use to spill out often.

broken cap

It hardly take 5 mins and is really simple and easy to make.  Also it is Super handy as I am using a travel size spray bottle to make this. So let’s get started!!

Things that you will need are:

  • Any old Spray Bottle
  • Pair of Scissors
  • Toner

dabur gulabari bottle

biotique toner

Take any old travel size spray bottle to start with. Wash it thoroughly with lukewarm water so that the old product is completely removed from the spray bottle. Then leave it to dry.

old spray bottle

Now use your scissors to take off the outer label of the spray bottle as you are going to give it a personalized look.

toner bottle

Yeah!! We are almost there. Fill your spray Bottle with the toner (That your using right now).

TADA!!! And we are done!!

Now you own your personalized Toner Spray Bottle.

toner bottle



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Fyoosion Review: Marketing Automation Software

How does it feel when you have a very good-looking website but very low conversion rate? Same was the case with my current company. We have an ecommerce website and we have often struggled to convert even a tenth of its traffic into meaningful business and one of the prime reasons for that is the poor user experience it offer to the visitors.

Being a digital marketer I had made up my mind to try out Fyoosion, a marketing automation software. I saw their ad on Facebook and I signed up for demo. Their sales team got in touch me and we got things on place. Good results after implementation of Fyoosion, marketing automation software got me to write this review and I am not compensated for this 🙂

Marketing Automation Software

I have listed down my ‘before’ and ‘after’ experience. How our website was and what it is now when we get a 10% increase in conversion.

  • We were experiencing a high bounce rate as visitors found it difficult to navigate our website which offered poor user experience. I wish I could disclose the website URL here. We were hesitant to make major changes as the site already had too much content which could get affected if things don’t go as planned while making the changes.
  • As our site testing was limited to content and images, we were not able to make meaningful changes on our site as changes can’t be made without prior testing of other critical features of the site.
  • We were clueless about what visitors were doing on our site, and it hampered our efforts to understand the real problem our visitors faced.
  • Our efforts to improve user experience on site were further handicapped by lack of available technology to effectively carry out the necessary changes on website.
  • Our security systems were breached more than once. This resulted in a drop in both traffic and conversion on our website as it directly affected the customers’ cash balances. (security)
AFTER Implementing Fyoosion
  • We have become bolder and more confident as we have been consistently increasing our conversions by over 15% over the last 2 quarters and are looking good to end the year on a higher note. The game changer here is Fyoosion’s unique solution that allows marketers to literally control the appearance, flow and features of their site, in addition to managing their offers much better.
  • We began to make intelligent changes in the variables such as offer, pricing, shipping options, and flow of the site among many others. This resulted in a 10% rise in sales over the last 6 months.
  • Visitors bouncing out of our website have fallen by more than 50% after we were able to detect visitor behavior and make the necessary changes to the flow and feel of the site.
  • We were able to narrow down customer preferences and customize our offers accordingly. This brought in 12% more business from customers who prefer a little special treatment.
  • Over the last 6 months not a single instance of security breach took place on their website. Fyoosion’s impregnable security system has shut out criminals from penetrating the site.

And not to forget, all it takes to operate Fyoosion is just one line of code. To know more about this Marketing Automation Software you can visit

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