Nivea Soft Creme Review

I have recently purchased new cream “Nivea soft” (Rs.49/- for 25ml) available at almost every drugstore and also on NewU.

Nivea Soft Creme is a superior all purpose moisturizer that is specially formulated  with:

  •     Jojoba Oil that nourishes the skin.
  •     Vitamin E that protects the skin’s natural structure.

It comes with various sizes starting from 25ml but I have seen personally till 250ml pack.

This unique formulation is quickly absorbed to leave your skin feeling soft and supple. NIVEA Soft Intensive Moisturizing Creme is pH neutral and dermatological tested.

It has been two weeks now that I am using this creme and here is my review.


  1.     As it comes with light texture so it is easy to apply.
  2.     Due to light texture skin absorbs the creme in few seconds.
  3.     It does not have those strong fragrance which directly hit your mind.
  4.     It comes with very light fragrance too (due to jojoba extracts) and loved by almost everyone  who so ever have tried it till now hehehheh!!
  5.     It gives you very soft feel or smooth effect on the applied area (moisturizes well and make skin baby soft). <3 <3
  6.     I also used it as makeup removal and trust me it works really well.
  7.     It works good for your cuticles and make your nails strong and also make your hand fairer than before. (worked on mine used as hand creme.)


  1.     Better for people for normal to dry skin.
  2.     Not hygienic packaging but still I loved the cute little packing.
  3.     A little pricey.
  4.     Doesn’t have SPF in it.

Overall rating: 4/5

*Must buy product in love with the baby soft effect of it  and already bought 250 ml pack